Thorough and structured training programs

We give our employees the opportunity to participate in high-quality training and development programs so that they can carry out their roles effectively and feel empowered in their roles. We’re always looking for ways to enhance training and development for employees at all levels and areas within the company.

We believe it’s important to clearly communicate which behaviors are linked to success for each specific role so that employees know what they need to do to succeed in their role —that’s why we completed competency models for all areas of our business. All ALDI employees have at least one formal performance review each year, and we encourage regular employee feedback on a day-to-day basis.

While it’s important to give ongoing feedback on performance and behavior, we realize there’s a need for thorough and structured training programs. Our ALDI Center for Education (ACE) is a visual and interactive way for store, warehouse and office employees to study job responsibilities and training. We also host annual leadership meetings for all store managers and have ALDI training centers throughout the country to better train and develop new store employees.