Cocoa and Coffee

Much of the world’s cocoa and coffee is grown by small-scale farmers who face challenges in producing and marketing their crops. The industries face economic and operational limitations, along with social and environmental challenges, such as poor soil fertility management, aging tree stock, improper use of chemicals, deforestation and poverty.

Several organizations, such as Fair Trade USA, Rainforest Alliance and UTZ work with farmers to promote sustainable practices and will certify that cocoa or coffee products came from a farm that follows specific social and environmental standards. Examples of these standards include strict requirements for farming management, safe and healthy working conditions, abolition of child labor and protection of the environment. We’re committed to increasing the number of certified cocoa and coffee products available in our stores. You can find Fair Trade coffee as part of our everyday offerings and over 60 certified cocoa products throughout our everyday and ALDI Finds items, including our entire line of Moser Roth chocolates. These products have easy-to-spot Fair Trade USA, Rainforest Alliance Certified or UTZ labels on the packaging.

We’re converting all cocoa used in our exclusive brand chocolate and cookies, as well as products with high amounts of cocoa, to certified sustainable sources by the end of 2020.


Fair Trade USA

Fair Trade is an organized social movement that advocates for farmers to be appropriately compensated, and teaches them how to build sustainable businesses so they can be a positive influence for their community and environment.



Rainforest Alliance

ALDI U.S. proudly sources cocoa from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms, an organization that helps to increase cocoa sustainability across the globe. Due to the large volume of cocoa purchased by ALDI, as well as the high cost of ensuring separation of certified and uncertified cocoas throughout the manufacturing process, our Rainforest Alliance Certified™ cocoa suppliers mix certified and uncertified cocoa in a way that meets our quality and flavor requirements, while also adhering to Rainforest Alliance’s cocoa mixing rules. This means that, while we cannot guarantee that certified cocoa will be present in each cocoa product that has the Rainforest Alliance Certified™ sourcing label, we know that our cocoa purchases help to ensure cocoa is grown and harvested using environmentally and socially responsible methods. For more information about Rainforest Alliance certification, click here. For information on Rainforest Alliance’s cocoa mixing rules, click here.


UTZ Certified

UTZ is a certification organization that works with farmers to promote sustainable farming practices for cocoa, coffee and tea. We’re working with our suppliers to source certified sustainable cocoa and bring additional UTZ products to our stores. The UTZ label on ALDI products means that we support sustainable cocoa farming.