Climate & Energy

We pride ourselves on being the go-to grocery store for smarter shopping. More than providing high-quality products at low prices, we work hard every day to reduce our carbon footprint.  

Sustainable Stores and Buildings 

We have a big responsibility to reduce the environmental impact of our stores. ALDI has committed to reducing greenhouse gases by 26% by 2025, a goal created using Science Based Targets.    

We know many factors, like lighting, refrigeration and transportation can impact the environment. That’s why monitoring energy consumption is a priority. Since 2015, we’ve had energy management controls such as lighting and HVAC controls in our stores. This real-time monitoring helps to ensure we’re using energy efficiently.  

Additionally, we have been incorporating all LED lighting and energy efficient HVAC and refrigeration systems in all new and remodeled stores since 2015! 

We measure our carbon footprint, which includes emissions from  

  • business mileage  
  • transportation of products to our stores  
  • electricity and natural gas emissions from corporate offices, regional warehouses and stores 
  • refrigerant leakage from corporate offices, regional warehouses and stores 


We are investing in environmentally friendly refrigeration systems which use CO2, propane and ammonia to minimize environmental damage potential. Approximately 500 stores are currently using refrigerants that have near-zero global warming potential (GWP), and we plan to add about 75 stores each year. Our continued transition to natural refrigerants has lowered our potential carbon emissions damage average per store by over 50% since 2015. 

Solar Power 

To date, over 120 stores and 12 warehouses around the country use solar panels to provide on-site renewable energy. We plan to install solar panels on even more stores and warehouses in the coming year.