We are continually investing in environmentally friendly refrigeration systems to minimize environmental damage potential. Our continued transition to natural refrigerants has lowered our potential carbon emissions damage average per store by over 50% since 2015.

Featured Project

GreenChill. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Advanced Refrigeration Partnership.

For the fourth consecutive year, the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) GreenChill program has recognized ALDI for having the most GreenChill Certified Stores of any other food retail company. In 2022, ALDI once again snagged the EPA’s Store Certification Excellence recognition, continuing its grocery industry leadership in environmentally friendly refrigeration. The EPA also awarded 21 ALDI stores with Store Re-Certification Excellence honors for receiving GreenChill store Certifications for five consecutive years. GreenChill Certification is awarded to stores that replace standard commercial refrigerants with environmentally friendlier refrigerants that keep their greenhouse gas emissions as close to zero as possible.