Quality & Safety

We keep a close eye on the ingredients and materials used to make our products. Our Quality Assurance team develops and manages our company’s processes to make sure our products meet our high standards. 

Beyond that, ALDI is committed to human rights and fair labor practices throughout our supply chain, and we require suppliers to comply with the Social Standards in Production which are part of the Terms and Conditions of our contracts.  

We put our reputation behind every product we sell in our stores. We comply with all US consumer legislation and safety standards and all of our suppliers must provide a third-party food safety audit for the production facilities that make our exclusive brand products.

All facilities producing our exclusive brand products must be audited under standards recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), the leading global industry initiative for food safety throughout the food supply chain.

We maintain our high quality by regularly testing our products in our own ALDI Test Kitchen. We sample and analyze each and every one of our products so our shoppers know they’re getting the best quality. But, our testing goes beyond the kitchen: we also use independent laboratory analysis to assess product quality, safety and integrity. 

General Merchandise
We offer high-quality general merchandise products to round out our high-value, low-price produce range. These products are also evaluated to meet our high standards for quality and performance in our Quality Assurance labs and independent US testing labs.