Waste and Recycling

To support our aspirations towards zero-waste business practices, we continue to explore different ways to reduce the waste we generate. In 2017, we recycled over 245,000 tons of material, which saved 91,635 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent per month. That is the equivalent of more than 215,000 cars taken off the road!

ALDI is proud to participate in the Environmental Protection Agency Food Recovery Challenge, which encourages participants to follow the EPA Food Recovery Hierarchy to prioritize actions around preventing and diverting food waste.

All of our stores partner with a local Feeding America member food bank to make it easier to donate overstock, short-dated products to limit food waste and address food insecurity in our communities. This partnership has allowed us to make a positive local impact through food donations while also supporting our goals to limit environmental impact by reducing waste. In 2017, we donated more than 25 million pounds of food.