Frequently Asked Questions

Go to ALDI US - Become a Supplier and complete our New Supplier Application. You are welcome to complete up to four Supplemental Submission Forms for additional items.

An ALDI Find is a two-week in & out promotion. You will provide product one time, typically for all of our Divisions. If the promotion performs well, we may consider repeating it either later in the year or the same time next year.

ALDI does not return any unsold product (non-food exceptions based on warranties).  

A core range item is an item that we sell everyday in our stores.

A mixed case is a single case comprised of two to three varieties of a given product. For example, a mixed case may contain three units of Creamy Peanut Butter along with three units of Crunchy Peanut Butter. Not all ALDI products require a mixed case.

Private Label refers to our own brand name on our products. Many of our products are proprietary ALDI brands. ALDI private label product quality meets or exceeds equivalent national brand items sold in other national retail chains.

Display Ready Case Diagram

A Display Ready Case refers to the outer case that should be ready to merchandise within our ALDI stores with no repacking necessary. A DRC must have the following attributes:

  • Fully printed
  • Easy to open and easy to display on shelf
  • Allow the product to be shopped easily
  • Stable and protect product throughout transit


The supplier is responsible for artwork fees.

  • ALDI suppliers work with our third party agency that oversees ALDI branding.
  • Supplier pays design fees.
  • ALDI suppliers may use their own printer.

Once your submission has been reviewed, the buying team will contact you to discuss next steps.

Please do not submit samples unless requested by the buying team.

Yes, a store visit is very important so that you can view our core range items, ALDI Find items, display cases and artwork.

Yes, if you are chosen to become an ALDI supplier we will request you send your product to an ALDI approved 3rd party testing facility. ALDI also does internal product testing routinely throughout the year on all products.

All private label food production facilities must be GFSI Certified and warehouse facilities must be GMP Certified. The buying team will request a copy of your GFSI-approved third party audit report and certificate for all food manufacturing facilities that service ALDI. In addition, suppliers are required to provide a certificate of insurance and to sign our ALDI Master Purchase Agreement.

Yes, it is encouraged that a new supplier submits visuals to showcase your company and product available.