Annual Sustainability Progress Report

How We’re Continuing to Make Sustainability Affordable

Progress in Packaging
Cut Our Carbon
Think Beyond the Bin
Sourcing Responsibly

As one of America’s fastest-growing retailers, ALDI is committed to raising the bar on sustainability without raising prices for shoppers. We are proud to become the first major U.S. retailer to eliminate plastic shopping bags from all our stores. We’ve already saved an estimated 15 billion bags from landfills and oceans by charging for plastic shopping bags at check out. Now, the decision to remove plastic shopping bags will prevent nearly 4,400 tons (nearly nine million pounds) of plastic from circulation each year. Eliminating plastic shopping bags is just one way we make sure ALDI is a place where everyone can feel good about where they shop. Learn more about how we continued to take big steps to limit our environmental impact and give back to help build stronger, healthier communities throughout 2022 in our Annual Sustainability Progress Report.