ALDI Smart Kids FAQs

General FAQs

Q:  What is ALDI Smart Kids?
A:  ALDI Smart Kids is a special program dedicated to supporting the health and wellness of the children in our communities. We do this by supporting local community organizations that encourage kids to be active in the areas of education, physical activity, nutrition, socializing and the arts. Our support ranges from monetary donations to ALDI gift cards.

Q:  Previously, we requested funds from an ALDI store. Can I still go directly to the store for a donation?
A:   No, we ask that all organizations use the ALDI Smart Kids online portal to submit an application.

Q:  Who do we contact if we have questions regarding the application?
A:  Email us with your inquiry at giving(at)aldi.us. This email is checked regularly and you’ll usually receive a response within a few business days.

Eligibility FAQs

Q:    We have an E.I.N. number but we are not a 501(c)(3). Can we still apply?
A:    ALDI only supports 501(c)(3) organizations as well as k-12 public and private schools and churches that serve the community.

Q:  I have a start-up nonprofit, can I apply for funding?
A:  Yes! ALDI will review all 501(c)(3) nonprofit requests, regardless of how long they’ve been open.

Q:  My 501(c)(3) has a pending status; do I qualify to receive a donation?
A:  No. ALDI does not fund organizations with a pending 501(c)(3) status. Only organizations that are verified with a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) designation, as determined by the Internal Revenue Service, are eligible to receive donations.

Q:  Can I apply for support from ALDI if I have a personal or individual need?     
A:  The ALDI Smart Kids Program is only for nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organizations as well as k-12 public and private schools and churches that serve the community. It does not provide support to individuals or families.     

Q:  My organization received support from ALDI last year. Can we apply for support in the current year?    
A:  Yes! You can apply for support on an annual basis, or once per calendar year.

Q:  I have two projects that I would like to submit for ALDI support. Can I submit more than one proposal for review?
A:  No. Due to the high volume of requests ALDI receives, we can only accept one project or proposal per organization.

Q:  My organization is based in an ALDI community, but our work is out of the country. Can I still apply?
A:  No, all organizations must serve people directly within our communities.

Q:  Since I’ve received support from ALDI for several years, do I still need to apply?
A:  Yes. All support is valid for one year only and must be requested annually.
Q:  When are the deadlines to apply for support?
A:  ALDI accepts applications between February 1st – December 15th each year.

Application FAQs

Q:  How will I know if my support request has been received?
A:  After you submit your request online, you’ll receive a confirmation email. After our team reviews your request, you’ll receive a response from ALDI via email on the status of your request.    

Q:  What happens if we do not use the money awarded to us?
A:  All unused support must be returned to ALDI unless permission is given to use it for another purpose.  

Q:  How long after submitting an application will I get a response?
A:  We review all applications thoroughly and will do our best to respond to you in a timely manner. You can always check the status of your application through the online portal.   

Q. Do we need to submit our IRS exemption letter?
A. We recommend attaching your IRS exemption letter to your application, however it is not required.

Q. Do we need to submit our W-9 form?
A. It is not required.

Q. What should I do if I am not sure which division I should select on our application?
A. Please use the Store Locator to look up your nearest store address. If you need assistance, you can view an example of how to find your division here.

Q:  Should I attach brochures, letters of support, newspaper articles or other pieces of information to my proposal?
A:  If you have an additional item that you think will strengthen your proposal, you may attach one document to the application. Please do not send attachments by email.

Q:  Is there a preferred file format for attachments?
A:    We strongly prefer PDF documents for all attachments, especially for Excel spreadsheets. But, all file formats are accepted.

Q:  Should we send ALDI a copy of our request or any additional documentation?
A:    No, we don’t need copies of your request. Any additional information you’d like to share with us should be submitted with your request as an attachment.

Q:  May I send a copy of my application directly to an ALDI employee or another contact at ALDI?
A:  No, ALDI only accepts applications through the ALDI Smart Kids online portal.

Support FAQs

Q:  What organizations does ALDI support?
A:  We support local organizations in ALDI communities where we have stores, warehouses, offices and conduct business, with a primary focus on improving kids’ health and well-being, food insecurity and diversity, equity and inclusion programs.

Q:  How do I know which division my nearest ALDI store is located?
A:  Proceed to the division search tool. If you need assistance, you can view an example of how to find your division here.

Q:  Does ALDI support events?
A:  Yes! ALDI may support events in our communities and priority is given to events focused on improving kids’ health and well-being, food insecurity and diversity, equity and inclusion programs.

Q:  What types of funding donations can I request?
A:  Yes, you can request ALDI gift cards through the online application. Applicants may request either cash or ALDI gift cards.

Q:  Does ALDI donate food products that would normally get thrown away?
A:  ALDI partners with food banks in the Feeding America network to donate food products that are still safe to eat but are outside of our “sell by” parameters. We don’t donate this product to individuals or organizations who aren’t members of Feeding America.

Q:  What are the focus areas for ALDI support?
A:  We support students, teams and programs that provide kids with a smart foundation for healthier lives. Some examples include: physical activity, nutrition, socializing, education and the arts.

Q:  What is an appropriate amount to ask for?
A:   ALDI approves requests for gift cards or donations ranging in value from $100 to $5,000.    

Q:  I applied for support but only received a portion of the request. Will I receive the rest of the funds?
A:  We make every effort to support as many organizations as possible. Sometimes this means we are only able to provide a portion of the funds requested.

Q:  Is support provided over multiple years?
A:  ALDI typically awards support once per year.